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Allies Inc. Logo
Allies, Inc. ... Paving the road to independence. Allies Inc. is an independent non-profit organization helping people with disabilities to lead fulfilling lives in the community. Allies Inc. was incorporated in July 1999 to serve the needs of people with disabilities and their families. Our purpose is to provide innovative residential, employment and advocacy programs for people with disabilities based on their choices and needs. Allies Inc. is comprised of dedicated professionals experienced in service delivery for people with disabilities.
The Henry H. Kessler Foundation, Inc. Logo
The Henry H. Kessler Foundation, Inc. is one of the largest public charities supporting rehabilitation research, education, and other programs and services for people with physical disabilities. Our primary focus is the research of the Kessler Medical Rehabilitation Research and Education Center (KMRREC). In addition, our “Transition to Work” initiatives concentrate on employment as a way to encourage independence and self-sufficiency for people with disabilities.
New Jersey Business Leadership Network (NJ BLN) Logo
The New Jersey Business Leadership Network (NJ BLN) is an employer-led endeavor that promotes best employment practices and enhances competitive employment opportunities for skilled job candidates with disabilities.

The NJ BLN is a state chapter of the United States Business Leadership Network (USBLN). The NJ BLN offers participating employers resources for recruiting candidates with disabilities, information on disability issues/topics, recognition for best disability employment practices, and exposure to an untapped market for goods and services.